Leasing Analytics

A one-of-a-kind, lead-to-visit analytics solution designed to collect, analyze and report on activities and help drive better business decisions and maximize portfolio performance.

Leasing Analytics

Portfolio-Level Intelligence Meets Property-Specific, Actionable Recommendations

RealPage® Leasing Analytics was created to provide visibility and key insights on lead-to-visit effectiveness, advertising and demand at the property level. By collecting, analyzing and reporting on activities that help drive strategic business decisions, this unique solution offers transparency into workforce optimization, ad spend, pricing, inventory and more—all designed to help you propel portfolio performance forward.

  • Multiply cash return to 5x with a minimum monthly investment and $250 on Leasing Analytics1
  • Increase conversion of prospect appointments up to 60%2

1Internal legacy benchmark

2Barrett & Stokely case study

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How Barrett & Stokely Optimized Marketing Effectiveness.

Barrett & Stokely improved marketing strategies that drove quality leads and strong sales with the help of an Intelligent Lead Management solution.

Track and Score All Leads

RealPage® Leasing Analytics enables you to maximize portfolio performance by dissecting and analyzing the multiple elements of each and every lead, no matter the source. It works with lead-tracking data to automatically collect, crunch and measure the critical pieces of information in real-time for each lead to paint a true—and accurate—picture of which marketing sources deliver results, and presents them in an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Leasing Analytics Visibility Icon

Get Visibility into Agent Performance

By scoring 100% of inbound calls, Leasing Analytics serves as an unbiased third party providing information on how agents are managing call-in prospects. Leasing Agent Scorecards can be used for workforce optimization, performance management (bonus) systems and appraisals.

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Inform Better Leasing Decisions

Leasing Analytics goes beyond data points to provide you with the information and insights to know exactly how to optimize performance. By delivering true actionability, you can ultimately make better portfolio-wide leasing decisions.

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Pinpoint Pricing Opportunities

Track lead traffic and appointment velocity by floor plan and intended move-in date to better understand inventory and pricing opportunities. Prescriptive demand reporting allows teams to make quick decisions about pricing and advertising.

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Achieve ROI Automatically

When Leasing Analytics is deployed in conjunction with revenue management software, leasing improvements are monetized with automatic rental rate increases.

One great thing about Leasing Analytics is that all this information that’s useful to you and that managers and owners also want to see is right there on an intuitive dashboard, You don’t have to be a data nerd to figure it out. You can look at it and make quick decisions, understand where you’re putting your dollars and where they’re working best, make any changes you need to make those dollars go further.

Scott Hines
Vice President of Technology and Revenue at PEM Real Estate Group

Visibility. Accountability. Profitability.

Leasing Analytics helps increase revenue by providing visibility and accountability to marketing, advertising and leasing to deliver intelligence on:

  • Cost per prospect, cost per appointment and answering rate
  • Calls answered by property vs. Contact Center
  • Calls missed by hour of day and day of week
  • Filtered and sorted call recordings
  • Advertising sources generating the most spam calls
  • Properties with the highest lead conversion rates
  • Demand trends for each property and market
  • Demand for each floor plan
Find out how Leasing Analytics can add transparency to your leasing activities and drive better decision-making.