Call Intelligence

Convert More Phone Leads With Call Intelligence

How quickly can you turn prospect calls into actionable insights? That’s where Call Intelligence comes in. By capturing call data and reporting on prospects’ preferences, Call Intelligence helps you monitor performance and accelerate positive outcomes like never before.

Improve team performance

Elevate agent performance by supplementing “secret” phone shops and reducing the need to manually sift through call recordings or listen in — all while saving time and money. Dig into the details of each and and property, agent and call with drill-down links and keyword searches to bring transparency and accountability to conversations about performance.

Improve Team Performance

Stand out from the competition

With the ability to pinpoint what prospects are asking for through Call Intelligence reporting, you have a unique opportunity to optimize your marketing strategy, initiate and/or support value-add projects, and gain an advantage over the competition.

Stand out from the competition

Fully integrated with Knock CRM

Call Intelligence is fully integrated into Knock CRM, ensuring data and insights are immediately updated in Knock and providing the most accurate prospect information.

Fully integrated with Knock CRM

“I’m saving two hours or more each day with Call Intelligence. I’m able to handle multiple properties at once, so it has gone from taking days to just mere hours.”

Holly Knight
Training Manager, Western Wealth Communities
Discover what the most advanced, reliable, and easy-to-use CRM for multifamily can do for your rental housing properties.

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