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Leverage the multifamily real estate industry’s largest lease-transaction database to outperform the market 3 to 7%. By balancing supply and demand factors in real time, YieldStar consistently gives you the right rent price.

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Business Intelligence

Optimize Performance with Revenue Management Software

Andrew Bowen
Andrew Bowen

Learn How Revenue Management Software Helps You Outperform the Market

  • Get the right rent, for every unit, at any time, in any location
  • Provide future and current residents with broader pricing options
  • Maintain optimal occupancy while pinpointing revenue opportunities
  • Improve your asset performance with expert advisory services and superior reporting capabilities

Know how to outperform year after year with YieldStar®, the leading revenue management software solution.

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Utilize world-class resources. Optimize pricing. Realize opportunities. Leverage the industry’s largest lease-transaction database and consistently outperform your market 3 to 7%. YieldStar Revenue Management Software delivers real-time pricing strategies that balance shifting supply and demand factors. Precision science improves customer performance for maximum profit resulting in a 98% client satisfaction rate and total peace of mind.

When it comes to making a decision about the right revenue management solution, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this system collect real-time data across critical markets?
    • If the system you’re using or considering can’t aggregate real-time lease-transaction data, then it can’t be statistically accurate.
  2. Can it project imbalances in supply and demand?
    • If it can’t project imbalances in supply and demand, then it can’t inform about vacancy exposure with precision.
  3. Can it accurately predict price elasticity?
    • If it can’t accurately predict price elasticity, then it can’t dictate which direction to move price on a daily basis for maximum profit.
  4. Can it present price options for various terms and start dates?
    • If it can’t present pricing options with flexible term and date parameters then it can’t track leases.
  5. Can the data be consumed by all levels within the organization?
    • If the data can’t be presented in a user friendly format, then the team will be reluctant to use it.


5X the resources. No other competitor provides more resources.



Reduce average vacant days by 20%.



Leverages the industry’s largest lease-transaction database.

10M Units

“We were determined to be the highest performing REIT. The results with YieldStar exceeded our expectations. It accelerated our rent growth and sustained our momentum in the market.”

Steven Lamberti
President Milestone

“With YieldStar, we’ve outperformed the best, and over the past three years (2012-2014) we’ve been the number one REIT in average revenue growth.”

Kip Zacharias
Vice President of Business Services, Camden

The Power of Revenue Management Software

Model Versatility

Improve performance for every asset class & lifecycle phase

Agnostic Platform

Works with any major property management system

Neighborhood Precision

Delivers the right price down to unit level

Pricing Advisory Services

Expert decision support

Real-Time Actionability

Eliminate delays that cost you revenue

Industry Leader

Used by the NMHC Top 50

Advisory Services

Pricing Advisory Services

Add an Expert to Your Staff—without the Overhead

YieldStar Advisory Services make it possible for owners and managers to benefit from the science without incurring additional staff and in-house support costs. Now you can have a team of industry experts available for critical decision support. Our pricing advisors have over 10 years of multifamily asset management or regional operations experience, and access to 5 times the resources of our competitors.

Get Daily Decision Support for Optimum Revenue Management

As a highly-specialized extension of your team, YieldStar Advisory Services provides experts who review pricing daily in collaboration with on-site and regional operations management, and monitor rents, occupancy and revenue trends weekly. As business goals or market conditions change, we collaborate, adjusting configurations and pricing accordingly to ensure you achieve your asset objectives — no matter the market, conventional, student or affordable or where you are in the life-cycle spectrum including lease-up, long-term hold, disposition or renovation.

Whatever your needs, our mission is to ensure that you get the most out of our industry-leading solutions.

“By outsourcing to YieldStar, we’ve got multifamily experts handling revenue management for us, who essentially act like an extension of our team.”

Stephen Adams
Managing Director, LaSalle Investment Management

Outperforming in Any Market

Atlanta Down Cycle

9.2% above market performance revenue index.


Atlanta Up Cycle

3.1% above market performance revenue index.


Affordable Washington D.C.

Outperformed by 8.9% submarket rent growth on executed rents.


Frequently Asked Questions about Revenue Management and Price Optimization

  1. What is revenue management?
  2. Simply put, revenue management is the application of disciplined analytics that predict consumer behavior at the micro-market level. This learning allows for the optimization of product availability and price to maximize revenue growth. YieldStar helps you consistently outperform your market.

  3. How can I avoid using concessions when all my competitors around me are using them?
  4. The vast majority of our clients have discontinued the use of concessions. In turn, they choose to focus less on price and more on the advantages of the community. Prospects do believe, though, that they are getting a deal despite the lack of concessions, simply due to the added flexibility offered. Some examples include: choosing any move-in date or lease term they desire, having the ability to reduce price by moving in sooner, staying longer, and/or ending their lease at a desirable time based on expiration management.

  5. Am I supposed to completely abide by the prices recommended by the tool? What if my operations team questions the validity of the direction or magnitude of a price change that’s being proposed?
  6. Successful use of a revenue management solution depends on the blending of statistics with your operational expertise. There will be circumstances when your operations team has insight into a condition that warrants the adjusting of a price recommendation. Based on our experience, though, successful use of YieldStar is directly correlated to accepting its price recommendations at least 90% of the time.

  7. What kind of results have you seen with YieldStar in down markets?
  8. Pricing in down markets or volatile conditions is the most challenging for operators. Our clients tell us that using our product helps curb their instincts to respond to down-market conditions by either dramatically lowering price or by holding price when they are losing velocity and/or occupancy. YieldStar identifies areas where you can continue to push price and where it should yield. Our tool also ensures that you are driving every possible opportunity to increase price even in the most downward trending or unexpected conditions. Many examples can be provided of properties using Price Optimizer in down markets across the country where revenues are holding or growing as the markets are declining.

  9. If I don’t have history for some of my properties, how can I implement your product for them?
  10. YieldStar has access to the required historical data from thousands of OneSite and non-OneSite properties. By borrowing the history at a unit-type level from properties similar to yours in the same neighborhood, we are able to find the right strategy for you. We use this implementation process for over 50 percent of the properties that use our tool.

  11. If demand in the system is based on historical experience for the subject site or its borrowed sites, won’t it be skewed if market conditions have changed, or if there was a period of time in the past where the site was being operated inconsistently with the current operational approach?
  12. YieldStar uses history from your property to set an expectation. However, the system responds as soon as current experience deviates from those expectations and price is immediately adjusted to capitalize on the current conditions that exist at the site and in its micro-market.

  13. What about YieldStar for the Student Housing Market?
  14. YieldStar’s Student Living platform was built for the student housing market by Revenue Management and Student Living experts.

  15. Does YieldStar integrate with Yardi and other platforms?
  16. YieldStar is platform agnostic. Over 800,000 units are using YieldStar in conjunction with Yardi. As an added benefit for selected clients, Yardi has released a standard revenue management interface for YieldStar to streamline the communication of data to and from our systems. YieldStar successfully works with OneSite, MRI, and eSite property management solutions as well.

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