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Optimize every stage of the investment cycle. Maximize operational efficiency. Outperform during any economic climate. Get everything you need to know exactly what to do next.

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Own it! With 360-degree portfolio insight,100% market transparency and 24/7 accessibility.

You demand the most accurate, predictive analytics tools that empower you to take control as an investor and operator. Just because you’ve got the data, doesn’t mean you’ve got the right answers. Get data that is accurate and relevant, with expert insights you trust, to provide the decision support necessary to make confident choices.

  • Leverage the industry’s only real-time lease-transaction database for greater accuracy and precision.
  • Identify more opportunities and uncover threats.
  • Renew your faith in forecasting.
  • Join the NMHC’s top owners and operators as outperforming customers.

Next-Gen Predictive Analytics for Optimum Portfolio Asset Management

“YieldStar Business Intelligence and performance benchmarking have provided a superior weapon in our arsenal at CWS for maximizing property performance by creating a new level of visibility into the granular performance trends of our assets … The platform is sure to revolutionize our approach to maximizing asset value in a similar manner to the results we achieved when we rolled out YieldStar revenue management several years ago.” – Marcellus Mosley, Senior Vice President, Director of Operations

Benchmarking: Does Your Strategy Measure Up?

Asset Optimization Benchmarking Webcast

You’re tracking performance in your assets and across your portfolio, using this information to make strategic decisions. But are you able to compare your results to broader trends in the market, gauging whether your strategy decisions are producing desired results? Today, using traditional methods to track asset performance is just not enough to build your strategies.

RealPage Financial Benchmarking tools can help. Learn how by watching this informative, on-demand webcast with RealPage experts.

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MPF Research provides actionable apartment market research to apartment investors and operators. Here’s the latest from RealPage’s multifamily intelligence division.

RealPage Reports Moderate Apartment Rent Growth For 2017

Despite normal seasonal pricing cuts in the 4th quarter, rents grew at a moderate pace in 2017, and occupancy levels remained healthy, according to a new report….. READ MORE

Using Business Intelligence Software for Student Housing

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Talk to any student housing operator and they’ll acknowledge a “rush” of a different kind on college campuses each year. Move-in day and the weeks leading up to it are intense as leasing agents try to fill beds, Resident Life is making roommate assignments and parents are calling to ask one more time what their kid can or cannot bring.

In the meantime, operators constantly check progress against any historical data they may have cobbled together to see if beds are filling at the rate they did for the same period (usually a week) last year and years before.

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