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Innovation Day: Moving Multifamily Forward With Lumina AI

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The Future of Multifamily Is AI

Without question, the hottest topic in Multifamily today is Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its ability to learn instantaneously, quickly adjust to changing conditions and perform human-like tasks, AI creates a competitive advantage unlike any other technology. But to truly unleash its power, you need deep, robust data to ensure accuracy and proven expertise to safeguard security and compliance.

Join us for our latest RealPage® Innovation Day, where we provide an in-depth look into our Lumina AI platform and discuss how our 20 years of AI innovation has evolved into a platform and model that is creating unmatched value, scalability and security — today.

Hear from industry peers on the cutting edge of multifamily AI and discover how Lumina is powering current and future AI innovations across the RealPage product line.

Ashley Brzezinski

Director of Marketing, Gillespie Group

Ashley specializes in internal and external branding as well as marketing and advertising efforts for all residential, commercial and development projects within the Gillespie Group portfolio. A leader in creative strategy and solutions in traditional and innovative marketing tactics, she interprets data to unify creative initiatives across the portfolio and creates strong partnerships across the community, bolstering impactful, collaborative campaigns. Ashley leads her team with a strong emphasis on experience-based marketing paired with executing on creative and innovative trends.

Sarah Gencarella

Vice President of Marketing, Olympus Property

Sarah Gencarella is the VP of Marketing at Olympus Property, an innovative multifamily investment and property management firm valued at more than $7 billion. With an accounting and financial services background, Sarah contributes a unique perspective driven by data and analytics to the Olympus Property marketing strategy, and she also implemented several innovative platforms during her tenure at Olympus Property that have been instrumental to the company’s overall growth and success. Sarah is a champion of adaptation to the continuously evolving marketing landscape and a proponent of strategic changes to better align with and support the new renters’ journey.

Rich Hughes

Senior Vice President, Data Science, RealPage, Inc.

Rich Hughes first entered the data revolution with apartment owner/operators AMLI and Archstone for over a decade, and is now head data scientist with RealPage. Hughes believes that today’s winners in complex, asset-intensive, service-based industries—from Amazon to apartments—have discovered the operational trifecta: over-delivering on promises while keeping the operation streamlined and affordable. He spends his days creating centralized command and control capacity for apartment operators, mainly regional managers, to streamline their operations through better and faster decision-making. He does this by analyzing data to predict outcomes, giving apartment operators prescriptive recommendations that are mathematically solvent and intelligence that is continually learning.

Amy Dreyfuss

SVP Revenue Management, RealPage, Inc.

Amy Dreyfuss is Senior Vice President of RealPage Revenue Management overseeing both LRO and YieldStar. Amy has over 20 years of experience in multifamily operations and revenue management. Prior to joining YieldStar in 2009, she oversaw operations and revenue management for a Dallas-based firm. Amy began her career with RealPage as a YieldStar Consultant responsible for the implementation of a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from private owner/operators to fee managers to REITs and institutional owners before becoming a part of the leadership team in 2010. In addition to growing the YieldStar client base in the U.S., Amy is responsible for expansion into Canada and the United Kingdom.

Chris Eckert

Vice President, Engineering, RealPage, Inc.

A proven technical leader and software development expert, Chris has been on the front lines of innovation in digital media, web services, SaaS and large-scale cloud applications. He currently leads the technical and engineering teams at RealPage.

Chris is a results-driven leader known for his ability to build high-performing teams across wide geographies and was an integral part of the team responsible for global video OnDemand content preparation and distribution for NBC during the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Buffalo and, prior to joining RealPage, served as the Chief Technology Officer for G5 Digital Marketing.

Lance French

Chief Information Officer, RealPage, Inc.

Lance French serves as RealPage's Chief Information Officer. Lance brings over 25 years of experience that includes leading global, high-performing teams focused on strategy, execution and delivery of customer value. His expertise is in digital transformation, innovative architecture, product leadership and change management.

Prior to RealPage, Lance was with Salesforce as the SVP Technology Office where he was responsible for the strategic portfolio and application solutions, in addition to risk management and change management. Prior to that, he had a successful tenure with BNSF Railway company, where he was responsible for technology services supporting transportation, operations, marketing, industry, human resources, data, design and finance.

Lance holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA from Baker University.

Innovation Day: Moving Multifamily Forward With Lumina AI

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Innovation Day: Moving Multifamily Forward With Lumina AI

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