Smart Waste

Multifamily’s first camera and AI-based waste management tool helps you stop throwing away money.

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The Future of Waste Management for Multifamily

The escalating costs of waste management are negatively impacting your net operating income (NOI). The average apartment property is wasting thousands of dollars per year on hauling fees for dumpsters that are only 46% full. This means you’re most likely paying full price for a service that hauls half the amount contracted for. And that’s just the beginning of cost inefficiencies associated with trash and recycling disposal.

The Smart Waste Management Solution is the latest addition to our portfolio of eco-driven sustainability products. As multifamily’s first cloud-based platform capable of assessing the location of each dumpster on a property, it can accurately optimize pickups, locations, fullness, capacity, content and contamination levels—cutting costs for managing waste by an average of 40%.

The Smart Waste Management Solution with Rugged Cameras and AI

By pairing the industry-leading RealPage Utility Management platform with rugged, in-dumpster cameras and AI in partnership with Compology®, this revolutionary waste metering technology provides clients with a cost-effective solution that prevents costly fines for contaminated recycling and makes it possible to:

  • Monitor every container’s activities
  • Measure for multiple KPIs
  • Create compliance reports
  • Benchmark against peers
  • Make actionable recommendations in real-time
  • Advise on sustainability best practices

Lower Your Property’s Waste Management Service Fees

Reduce trash contamination fees by up to 80%

Save up to $1800 per dumpster per year

Reduce property owner costs by more than $100 per unit

The 6 Ways We Improve Waste Management Services

  1. Contamination Alerts – Site teams receive updates multiple times a day on contamination, obstruction and other issues prior to container collection, giving them time to resolve and avoid penalties

  2. Fullness Optimization – Reduce trash pick-up costs by knowing exactly when containers are at capacity and not artificially full due to non-collapsed cardboard

  3. Built-In Compliance – Easily meet diversion garbage tonnage reporting requirements for the ESG, CSR, GRESB and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

  4. Performance Analytics – Get additional insights on the performance of your waste management programs and see how you compare with the rest of the industry

  5. Vendor Verification – Easily confirm you’re working with waste management-related vendors who meet your compliance criteria

  6. Sustainability Impact – Improve the efficiency of your waste management program and divert as many clean materials as possible away from landfills and back into recycling or composting streams

Ready to save some cash on your trash?

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