YieldStar Accurately Forecasts Demand for Optimum Pricing

Kortney Balas, Director of Revenue Management and Business Systems at JVM Realty Corporation, needed a revenue management solution that could consistently deliver optimum pricing for maximum returns, regardless of the market cycle up or down. YieldStar Revenue Management software provided what she was looking for and more.

Demand Forecasting Delivers Price Optimization

Confident in its data science, Kortney relies on its ability to provide accurate demand forecasting that strategically adjusts pricing. When the market is slowing, prices are adjusted to maintain occupancy, but still maintain a revenue premium. When the market is up, YieldStar pushes higher rents reflective of what the market will bear. The result? As Kortney said, the beauty of using YieldStar is that it pushes you to go places that you wouldn't have gone if you weren't using it.

Find out how YieldStar can help you outperform the market 3% to 7%.