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Wingate Companies Relies on RealPage Affordable Solutions

Karoline Lapointe, Regional Vice President of Wingate Companies, talks about how Wingate relies a great deal on RealPage® Affordable, which affords real-time visibility so Wingate can stay in compliance. She stresses the ease of mapping out tasks and "to do" on the Today page in RealPage property management software. And she hails the software’s ability to customize per property and give everyone — managers, the administration and compliance teams — transparent visibility, no matter where they are so they’re able to stay on task and avoid the kind of problems that might otherwise cause Wingate to lose subsidies. RealPage enables customized reports, such as accounting, in real time, so everyone has a “snapshot view.” RealPage also benefits Wingate's residents, particularly older residents, because they can pay their rent online and communicate with management without having to worry about office hours. 


"We rely on RealPage and all their products to help us integrate everything in our day-to-day operations. From Facilities to OneSite® and replacement reserves, it's a lot of moving pieces that all communicate to each other. It's one strong structure."

Karoline Lapointe
Regional Vice President, Wingate Companies

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