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6 ways OneSite helps you successfully manage student housing.

OneSite Student Living Demo

Want to save your staff countless hours?

Have them focus on driving revenue?

RealPage Student Housing is the first integrated solution designed with the easy-to-use tools you need to successfully manage your student housing properties.

Watch this video to see six ways our solution can help you improve your day-to-day operations.

  1. Unit-by-unit roll up - enables you to track each resident individually, including their guarantors, ledgers, lease documents, letters and notices, transfers, and more. Plus, the system allows you to track which beds are in a single room and even which rooms are in an apartment.
  2. Automatic guest card insertion – Our streamlined guest card feature collects the information you need about prospects and visitors, including roommate preferences, reducing duplicate entries.
  3. Pre-lease with waitlist – track all completed applications even before a unit is assigned and view forecasted occupancy, which helps track occupancy for future semesters.
  4. Bulk processing – streamline processes and save staff countless hours with bulk move-in and move-out processing, final account statements, and notices.
  5. Lease terms and payment plans – unique payments plans, like paying rent for the entire semester.
  6. Enhanced integration – the property management system easily integrates with other RealPage products, like revenue management and resident screening, for increased efficiencies and exceptional results.

Plus, with our online leasing and roommate matching solutions you can enable your residents to self-provision the entire application process online—from filling out an application, to signing the lease, to finding a roommate. This means everyone shows up on move-in day with their unit numbers, roommates and signed lease documents, enabling you to provide better customer service and save your site staff a lot of stress.

Whether you manage on campus or off campus housing, RealPage can help you streamline property management functions and achieve more.

Learn more at RealPage Markets: Property Management Software for the Entire Renter Lifecycle.


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