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The EGG Automated Package Delivery System

The EGG® is an automated package system designed to make deliveries faster and easier.

Carriers Are Happier

For couriers, there’s no more knocking on doors or waiting for onsite staff to get a free moment. They can bring their deliveries directly to The EGG. Just choose a package size and a resident name. Then, they slip their deliveries into a PIN-code protected locker and they’re on their way.

Residents Are Happier

Since The EGG is fully integrated with ActiveBuilding, they’re instantly notified when a package arrives, via phone, text or email. They can retrieve their packages at their own convenience, not just when the office is open.

Staff is Happier

While both couriers and residents save time and get added convenience, your onsite staff gains office space and a lot of extra time to focus on more important things- like taking prospects on tours and getting new leases signed. Everybody’s happy.

Get The EGG Package Delivery System. It’s just better. For everyone.