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Enjoy a spend analysis that saves thousands.

Improve Spend Management with a PEPP Test

What does it take to achieve a minimum 90% purchasing compliance and save $10,000 annually for a 200-unit site? RealPage spend management has the industry's largest vendor network and online catalog.

Bench-marking Performance

When you implement our spend management solution, we will be able to benchmark the purchasing performance of your properties with our spend analysis PEPP test that measures the Purchasing Efficiency and Purchasing Power (PEPP) of your portfolio against properties nationwide, including a massive database that compiles transaction data from millions of multifamily units.

Automation Delivers Savings

Purchasing Efficiency is measured by the amount of time and money saved by automating your purchasing processes with our spend management solution. Purchasing Power examines the reach of your spend against the multifamily industry's largest vendor network and online catalog. This assessment and access helps strengthen your purchase negotiations, giving you more control over spend and reducing your expenses. As part of a comprehensive spend management solution, we will work closely with you to reveal the best opportunities for process improvements and cost reduction for more strategic spend analysis. Learn more about RealPage Management Software or call us at 877-325-7243.
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