Are You Ready for SB-7?

The aim of this legislation is "to encourage the conservation of water in multifamily residential rental buildings through means either within the landlord’s or the tenant’s control, and to establish that the practices involving the submetering of dwelling units for water service are just and reasonable, and include appropriate safeguards for both tenants and landlords."

What You Need to Know About Utility Billing and Submetering Apartments

Learn the who, what, why, when and how the new California law requiring submetering in all new multifamily construction. For example, what changes are required when sending consolidated resident utility bills? What regulations apply to existing multi-unit properties?

Learn More about Multifamily Utility Management Solutions

How to get vacant cost recovery, submetering, and utility billing services in one solution. Watch the overview presentation on utility management and submetering solutions.

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Are You Ready for SB-7?

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