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Rick Graf, Pinnacle CEO, on RealPage Revenue Management's 4% Revenue Lift

Pinnacle President and CEO, Rick Graf, has witnessed the industry's embrace of RealPage Revenue Management first hand. Established in 1980, Pinnacle has grown to become one of the NMHC top property owner/operators with approximately 147,000 units and 3,500 team members including leasing and operations staff who rely on RealPage to determine the right price for any market cycle.

Outperforming During Down Market Cycles

Initially, skeptical about RealPage Revenue Management's ability to outperform during down market cycles, Graf was pleasantly surprised to experience the opposite outcome a 4% revenue lift when the market took a severe dive that left many owner/operators without RealPage making concessions that proved detrimental to their profitability.

Flexible Integration

Graf has also been pleased with RealPage's fluid integration with other major property management systems. Pinnacle uses Yardi as their property management platform and Graf has marveled at the way RealPage Revenue Management syncs with Yardi for a painless experience that produces results.

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