YieldStar Revenue Management Software Works with Any Multifamily Asset Class – BH Management Review

Brandy Daniel, Revenue Manager at BH Management Services, explains how YieldStar Revenue Management Software from RealPage works for multifamily properties in any asset class, in any market.

RealPage Revenue Management system leverages the industry’s largest lease-transaction database to help you:

  • Optimize rent pricing
  • Reduce vacancies by 20%
  • Increase profits
  • Consistently outperform your market 3 to 7%.

Set the Right Price Every Time with YieldStar

Find out how easy it is to apply market data to optimize pricing, reduce vacancies and outperform the market with YieldStar Revenue Management Software.

About Our Client BH Managment

BH Management’s roots date back to 1993 when Harry Bookey formed the company with a roster of just five apartment communities. Today, our founder continues to lead the firm, serving as inspiration for its 1,500-plus employees. With revenues now surpassing $300 million annually, BH Companies has come a long way in a short time.