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Stop Playing Guess Who

Application fraud has been steadily increasing since the dawn of the internet – and is pervasive across all channels of the resident application process. You shouldn’t be playing a game of guess who with your leasing applications online and in-office. And what happens to your business when your screening software doesn’t catch them before they sign a lease? 


The cost to your property, reputation and community can be more than you bargained for. RealPage Screening has created Identity Verification that delivers a valuable layer of protection for your staff, residents and communities by confirming high risk and low risk applicants. This three-tier process is easy to implement, it’s just a simple on-off setting configured directly within the RealPage Screening software. And what you get is an Identity Verification process that delivers a pass/fail score directly to the business or leasing agent.

To prevent ID fraud at your community, contact us about Screening Identity Verification today!