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Renters Insurance Program Solution Preview

RealPage Renters Insurance for property managers is developed by multifamily professionals and insurance experts to help ensure the unique needs of the industry are covered.

Our renters insurance program policies deliver broad coverage options to protect against common and costly damages – including water, smoke, fire, explosion, as well as other losses such as pet damage, and worldwide theft protection. And we offer property damage coverage for up to 5 lessees. We work with you to design a program best suited for your community with competitive prices and excellent coverage for your residents. RealPage offers a turnkey program, from implementation, to training, to ongoing program management, throughout the life of our partnerships.

RealPage Renters Insurance provides:

  • Broader coverage for damage to personal property caused by roof leaks.
  • Broader liability coverage for damage caused by water (overflowed bathtubs/toilets, etc.).
  • Ability to supplement our renters insurance program with RenterProtection for 100% assurance of coverage.
  • Property damage coverage for up to 5 lessees
  • World-wide protection that covers property loss and liability in apartment, garage, car, or around the world.

Learn how RealPage makes covering your assets, and those of your residents, simple at RealPage Renters Insurance.

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