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Ensure every resident gets and maintains a renters insurance policy.

Renters Insurance Provides Prime Residential Peace of Mind

RealPage Renters Insurance with RenterProtection gives Lizza Castro of Prime Residential the ability to ensure every resident gets and maintains a policy. They’ve also been able to negotiate better rates for commercial insurance and most of their losses are covered through the policies that the residents purchase.

RealPage Renters Insurance Customers

Watch more renters insurance client reviews:

In this video, three property management companies talk about their residents’ reactions to required renters insurance.  Video: Required renters insurance coverage delivers win-win solutions.

Renters Insurance Gap Coverage Reduces Liability. Are You Covered? Watch as Shanna Berrien, Director of Insurance and Risk at CWS Capital Partners talks about how CWS complements their required renters insurance program with RenterProtection. Video: Renters Insurance Gap Coverage and Apartment Community Blanket Insurance Reduces Liability and Risk

Revenue Impacts

Download our free white paper: Does mandatory renters insurance impact revenue?

Win Win Solution For Residents & Staff

Ready to Make Mandatory Renters Insurance Easy on Residents and Apartment Staff? Contact RealPage today to get started. Learn more at RealPage Renters Insurance: Cover Your Assets. We Make it Easy.

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