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DepositIQ Overview

​​DepositIQ Step by Step

  1. Applicants are qualified within the existing screening process then presented with the option of a standard refundable deposit or a less expensive (but nonrefundable) bond premium, listed at a standard 17.5% of bond coverage.
  2. Applicants sign and purchase the surety bond electronically on PC or mobile-friendly device.
  3. Step Three: DepositIQ pays properties up to the bond amount if claims are made, based on an available claim fund at the property or portfolio level - your choice. 60% of all bond premiums fund the property claim fund and are 100% owned by the PMC.
  4. All claims paid are turned over to your collection agency to be repaid by the renter.
  5. All collected funds are returned to the properties' claim pool.


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