GoldOller Discusses How RealPage Renovation Manager Improves ROI Analysis & More

See the Difference It Makes in Processes, Vacancy Loss and Paybacks Analysis

Sarah Campion, Director of Asset Management for GoldOller, engages in a lively Q&A with RealPage®’s Tracy Saffos discussing the night-and-day difference RealPage Renovation Manager makes in improving the performance and more of their renovated units. Campion acknowledges that the metrics that are most important are the ROI of the unit, spend per unit and vacant days. She notes that before Renovation Manager, they performed renovation progress tracking through a very tedious manual process that was prone to inaccuracies.

With RealPage Renovation Manager, Campion states that the difference has been “night and day.” Changing 100% of their workflow processes and analysis has produced much smoother rollouts. Teams are more streamlined and efficient, and analysis is more in-depth and improved with real-time capabilities like usage reports and online checks and balances that ensure data accuracy.

GoldOller also has visibility into ROI based on market rent and lease tradeout analysis that wasn’t available before Renovation Manager. What Campion loves most are the deeper analytical dives that make it possible to track the renovations and vacant days on different unit types that drive GoldOller’s business plan.

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