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RealPage® Benchmarking Expands Asset Performance Insight

Before BH Management started using RealPage® Benchmarking, they knew they needed better comparative performance metrics to provide the best information to owners and clients. Overseeing 85,000 units nationwide and specializing in value add and asset preservation, Jessica Dakin’s revenue management team and her executives wanted more confidence in their data that informed their day-to-day communications to internal teams and their clients. Since implementing RealPage Benchmarking, her entire organization has moved beyond transactional data to gain more understanding of external market dynamics that delivers more insightful monthly performance reviews. With expanded asset performance reviews based on market-level data, they can trust in an unbiased, unemotional approach to analysis and benchmarking. They also have the capability to slice and dice the information to meet their internal requirements and then communicate effectively to resident community teams, driving better decisions throughout the organization for their property owners and their business.

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