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Cut invoicing costs by 80%

RealPage OpsTechnology Paperless Invoicing

With RealPage OpsTechnology Paperless Invoice Processing software, you can lower your purchasing costs.

Save Time

Paperless invoice processing saves the time and expense of managing paper invoices. And with an average processing time of ten days, you have the opportunity to receive prompt-pay discounts. No more shuffling paper across sites. Now you can invest in more valuable activities, such as leasing apartments and working with residents.

Invoice Processing Service

We convert paper invoices to electronic format so that all of your payables follow the same automated workflow. Suppliers send paper invoices directly to our processing center. Mail is opened and sorted and invoices are scanned. Invoice data is then entered into your system with a full line-item detail and PDF images of invoices. Invoice data is available within 24 hours.

Learn more at RealPage Spend Management: Keep Property Spend Under Control


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