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How RealPage Purchasing replaces paperwork with automated workflows!

Multifamily Purchasing Software with Online Catalogs

The RealPage eProcurement solution brings the convenience of online shopping and electronic invoicing to core Purchasing, saving you both time and money. Combined with our web-based multifamily purchasing software, it takes the paperwork out of purchasing and replaces it with the automated workflow of electronic documents. It de-centralizes the accounts payable process by allowing your personnel to use your approved vendors and budget controls, as well as comply with spending limits.

You gain access to online catalogs where you can sort by product, brand, supplier or price to find what your looking for. All the details are right at your fingertips. Just select your items, place them in the shopping cart and an electronic purchase order is automatically created, this shows all items ordered and allows you to check against the budget. It will be routed electronically through your company's workflow approval process and on to your vendor.

Once your order is fulfilled you get an electronic invoice back. And with the dashboard you can view all order and invoices to keep better track of what is being spent and where, helping to prevent maverick spend.

Learn more at "/property-management-software/spend-management-software/" RealPage Spend Management: Keep Property Spend Under Control

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