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Lead2Lease Two Way Texting

Two-Way Texting

Lead2Lease Two-way texting allows you to send a quick text message to prospects to set up visits, check on status and more, without having to wait for a response. Your prospect’s day isn’t interrupted and neither is yours.

Two-way texting in Lead2Lease offers your leasing staff another way to stay in touch with their prospects. The feature includes property-level notifications for new text messages, real-time texting between the property and the prospect within each guest card, and an opt-in process that adheres to the rigorous legal requirements required to use texting as a marketing tool.

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Texting the Prospect from the Conversation History Tab

Lead2Lease has unified email and texting into a single conversation history, where users can see all emails and texts between the property and the prospect.

Prospect Information Area

In anticipation of leasing agents having multiple guest cards open at the same time as they respond to multiple guest cards via texting, we’ve added simple prospect information to the upper left area of the Conversation History. This will allow the leasing agent to easily reference which conversation they are on without being required to click Lead Detail to refresh their memory.

Text Chat Area

For prospects who have consented to be texted, the Text Chat feature will be unlocked, enabling the user to freely text the prospect leasing information. The first text sent from the property to a prospect each day will log a follow-up action in Lead2Lease.

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