EasyLMS Delivers it All

RealPage EasyLMS is a revolutionary new learning management platform for training your staff - in one easy-to-use, quick-to-implement package, with:

  • Complete 360° content coverage
  • Mobile-ready capability
  • Easy-to-use dashboards
  • Robust custom reporting
  • Cutting edge motivational learning techniques

It’s a system that is designed to make learning fun while activating your employees’ full potential, helping you retain more staff, saving time and money.

Motivates Employees to Learn

It’s not always easy to motivate staff to get the training they need. EasyLMS take a unique approach, we call “active engagement,” that recognizes and rewards learning achievements with a company leaderboard and personal trophy case for each employee. This promotes organic competition which effectively motivates people long-term.

Saves Time

Finding time to set aside for training isn’t easy. So your team needs to make the most of those precious minutes. That’s why RealPage EasyLMS delivers training in short, engaging 10-15 minute training segments that help them get back to work faster. And each lesson can be taken anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Manages Learning Easily

RealPage EasyLMS practically runs itself. You can queue up training with due dates, set up reports with email alerts, so you can be notified only when you need to be. Your system can run on auto-pilot, adding and removing users, managing organizational updates, assigning courseware, and updating user information.

While EasyLMS does the work, you can set up any number of custom reports to track your staff’s progress. Then, have it on a scheduled delivery, right to your inbox.

Learn more at RealPage EasyLMS: The Next Generation in Learning Management

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EasyLMS Delivers it All

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