Putting Paper In Its Place

Property management runs on documents. Mountains of them – related to leases, maintenance, utilities, payments and many other areas of the business.

In this video, Kelli Mattingly of the Wilkinson Family of Companies discusses the huge benefits her company has enjoyed by moving from paper documents to e-documents and OneSite Document Management.

Adding Up The Cost

First, there was the problem of storage space – because all that paper had to go somewhere. Not just the documents that had to be readily accessible in front office files, but also those slated for longer-term record-keeping.

There was the cost of the paper itself, along with the toner, photocopying and printing equipment and their maintenance. And, the expense of mailing and overnighting documents rather than sending them electronically.

Power of Integration

After reviewing the document management solutions offered by several industry vendors, Wilkinson settled on RealPage’s as “the most robust.” And there was the extra benefit that it integrated neatly with RealPage’s Leasing & Rents, which the company was already using.

Mattingly reports that in just the first year of using OneSite Document Management, the company saved 50% on office supply expenses. And that was just the beginning of the payoff.

Processes that had once involved the slow, cumbersome and error-prone movement of paper now happened smoothly and quickly over the Internet. Documents could be located in seconds with a few clicks of a mouse rather than retrieved from file cabinets, and sent at the touch of a button to anyone who needed them. And, says Mattingly, the integration of Document Management with the company’s internal processes through Leasing & Rents meant documents were for the first time seamlessly integrated into everyone’s daily workflow.

Managing The Entire Resident Lifecycle

Today, Document Management at Wilkinson comes in at the very beginning of the customer lifecycle, with the documents related to screening and application filled out and stored online. And it is a critical asset all the way through documentation of the final settlement, inspection and move out.

Documents are readily accessible to everyone from a property manager at a site to the company president, subject to permissions applied based on confidentiality. They’re ready to be reviewed, circulated, bundled into reports, and now and then even printed out on paper!

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