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Save Your Apartment Marketing Budget

Apartment Call Center Services Free Up Apartment Staff

According to an independent study conducted by and Level One Lease Analysis, 65% of calls made to an apartment community are people inquiring about a lease. Of those calls, only 3.5% turn into leases.

The study of phone traffic shows that management companies miss 40-60% of calls during the day, and of course, all when the office is closed.

Stop Wasting Your Apartment Marketing Budget Generating Calls That Are Never Answered

80% of those callers don’t leave voicemails and 55% never call back.

“What they’re doing is continuing down the list until they get somebody to answer and they never get back to the other communities that missed their call,” Batson said. “People aren’t leaving voicemails any more. They’re not calling back. They’re continuing to shop.”

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