Improve Bottom Line Performance with Simplified Care Planning

If you're like many senior living communities, then you may still be using spread sheets and manual processes for your residents' assessments and service plans.  The problem is, those processes can be time-consuming and really don't give you all the tools you need to effectively manage residents in your community.

Powerful & Flexible Automoation

RealPage Senior Living's Care Management is a powerful and flexible tool that enables your clinical staff to quickly generate resident assessments and service plans. It automates the resident assessment process, decreasing the time your care providers spend completing assessments, reducing the chance for errors, and increasing your ability to satisfy residents with personalized support.

How RealPage Senior Living Care Management Can Help You:

  • Reduce the time it takes to maintain accurate assessments
  • Reduce cost creep by assessing residents on time and accurately documenting change of conditions
  • Staff to acuity based on objective, assessed resident needs
  • Ensure care fees are accurately billed by pushing a notice to the billing office when care fees change

Make The Switch

Stop using error-prone spreadsheets and manual processes, and make the switch to a system that is simple and easy to use, and will ultimately save you time, reduce cost creep, and allow you to provide better care to your residents. Learn more at RealPage Senior Living: Streamline. Optimize. Outperform, Every Day.


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Improve Bottom Line Performance with Simplified Care Planning

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