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Reduce Risk in Utility Management Webcast

This webcast gives you the knowledge to reduce risk and keep your utility cost recovery program compliant. In addition, you'll hear the latest regulatory updates affecting multifamily utility management across the country.

What Are the 5 Pitfalls of Utility Management?

  1. Non-disclosure of the utility cost recovery program in the lease
  2. Non-compliant billing
  3. Not maintaining compliance
  4. Lax data security
  5. Inadequate resident service

Updates on Utility Management Legislation

The hardest part of utility management is understanding the complexities and rules for utility billing. In the legislative update, we focus on the states changing the utility management regulatory landscape.

  1. North Carolina – Vacant billing changes
  2. Ohio – Utility billing regulations
  3. Texas – Senate Bill 873
  4. California – Utility billing updates
  5. New Jersey – Pending legislation update

Hear the multifamily utility management experts answer viewer questions such as:

  • Which rules to follow when city, county or state laws differ?
  • What do property managers need to disclose instead of bury in the lease?

Learn More about Multifamily Utility Management Solutions

Watch the overview presentation on utility management and submetering solutions

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Reduce Risk in Utility Management Webcast

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