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ResidentDirect™ takes away the transaction fees for Amanda Phelps by having that cost transferred to the resident.

RealPage ResidentDirect™ Eliminates Credit Card Costs for Oden Hughes

ResidentDirect™ service offered through RealPage Payments Services (RPPS), has made it even easier for Amada Phelps of Oden Hughes to process online credit card rent payments because there’s no transaction fees to manage.

Their residents can continue to pay rent and other fees via debit and credit cards, and ACH through the resident portal.

But with ResidentDirect, residents pay RPPS the service fee directly. This means that Oden Hughes no longer has to worry about convenience fees and managing card association fees.

And, they can still process checks and cards onsite and pay for all office transaction processing the same way RealPage Payments has done for 10 years.

But for now Amanda says she has seen a 4% increase in the amount of online rent payment by credit card in just the first two months Oden Hughes started using ResidentDirect. ResidentDirect provides their residents with the flexibility and convenience they have come to expect in apartment living.

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