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RealPage Takes Camden Properties' Maintenance From ”Good to Great”

Danielle Rivers, Business Services Manager for Camden Properties, talks about how RealPage® Facilities Maintenance and Mobile Facilities app has enabled Camden Properties to "elevate their game," saying that Camden has always provided good service to residents, but RealPage Mobile Facilities has enabled them to speed up the process for both residents and the Camden maintenance team.

Via the Mobile Facilities app, the maintenance team can quickly see service requests "right in their hand" and then go directly to the maintenance shop to get parts. This has enabled the maintenance team to double their productivity, with at least 87% of service requests being completed through the Mobile Facilities app. Residents no longer worry about whether service can be completed in one day.  Now, it's one hour.

Mobile Facilities has also enabled Camden to identify areas for improvement, particularly quarterly preventative maintenance, and has improved the time it takes to conduct move-in/move-out inspections. "It's a benefit all the way around," says Rivers. "Our maintenance time has been cut in half. We've gone from being good to being great."

Danielle Rivers

Business Services Manager, Camden Properties