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Spend Management Improves Prometheus Real Estate Group’s Bottom Line

Kristina Loeza, Procurement Specialist for Prometheus Real Estate Group, talks about how RealPage® Spend Management enables the Prometheus procurement team to take charge of spending by enabling greater purchasing power. Having access to a large number of vendors, receiving invoices from vendors instantly and electronically, and being able to obtain approval ahead of time allows Prometheus to gain greater control over expenses.

Prometheus has also been able to procure more substantial discounts by using eSupply for purchasing, and Loeza credits eSupply for enabling the procurement of products that are in short supply. She touts vendor credentialing as "very helpful" in protecting Prometheus' assets, particularly with respect to vendors that have inadequate insurance coverage.

"Spend management has enabled us to improve our bottom line," says Loeza. 

Kristina Loeza

Procurement Specialist, Prometheus Real Estate Group