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Online Payments Accelerates Rent Payment at Winn Residential

Jennifer Coberth, Vice President of Management Operation Software for Winn Residential, talks about how Affordable Online Payments has resolved several issues for Winn, including theft, loss and time management, particularly during the COVID pandemic. In the affordable sector, Coberth says most residents have traditionally paid their rent via paper money orders. With RealPage’s E-money Order program, residents can visit a participating provider, deposit the money and then the provider transmits the payment, creating the link to Winn's ledger. Coberth hails the RealPage® team "stellar," stressing that without them, Winn would not have been able to implement the Affordable Property Management Suite of products, including Online Payments, across 500 properties in 2 years.

Jennifer Coberth

Vice President of Management Operation Software, Winn Residential