RealPage Testimonials

How Cortland Achieves Peak Performance With RealPage Accounting

Shawn Mayo, Vice President of Applications, Cortland

When you ask Shawn Mayo, Vice President of Applications/Cortland, what he likes most about the RealPage® Accounting platform, you won’t get  one, single answer. You’ll get quite a few.

He’ll tell you about how RealPage Accounting gives him access to unique data sorts, allowing his teams to make real-time decisions that help pinpoint how and where to focus resources and dollars.

He’ll tell you about the ease-of-use of the various modules — like AP — and how teams are able to streamline processes — saving time, money and man-hours.

And he’ll tell you about how RealPage Accounting works seamlessly with other functions within their property management system and how the intuitive functions help him easily examine the performance of his key KPIs.

See for yourself what RealPage Accounting has done for Cortland and get to know one of its biggest fans in this brief, but informative, video.

Shawn Mayo

Vice President of Applications