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Reduce Your IT Costs

Provide more IT capacity when you need it and less when you don’t. Pay only for what you use and save money!

Improve Communications

RealPage SharePoint Central, based on Microsoft® SharePoint® is designed to meet Property Management needs.

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, and fires – Is your data protected from mother nature?

About RealPage Technology as a Service (TaaS)

Growing your business often requires significant investment in IT resources. Having a TaaS solution can help you reduce your IT-related costs, while increasing performance across your portfolio. Technology as a Service from RealPage offers computing that encompasses co-location hosting, IT outsourcing, and disaster recovery. RealPage TaaS delivers custom technology solutions based on your unique needs and business strategies, as well as the best practices for the multifamily industry. We provide a complete set of professional services such as TaaS-based storage, email, desktop support, technical purchasing and IT consulting.

RealPage Technology as a Service has the deep technology expertise and multifamily industry experience to host and/or integrate with your other property management solutions. We bring more value to your business in a predictable and scalable set of computing solutions created for the multifamily industry, something other service providers can’t provide. When you are ready to expand your business capabilities, we are the partner who is skilled and ready to assist you.

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Co-Location Hosting for Multifamily Software Systems

Co-location services provide you the security, power and connectivity you need to keep your business running smoothly. More than just servers, RealPage Technology as a Service delivers a tuned and configured environment, optimized for your particular property management systems maintained by our staff of industry certified experts. RealPage will analyze, troubleshoot and find ways to improve the performance for each of your systems that we host, while maintaining availability.

RealPage manages IT systems for large and smal property management companies. This makes us uniquely qualified to know your business and your systems and to deliver performance, security and peace of mind.

Desktop and Technical Support for Apartment Staff

Providing desktop support to your ever-changing property management staff is expensive and time-consuming, and can be inconsistent across your properties.
RealPage Technology as a Service (TaaS) has an entire team dedicated to providing world-class Desktop Support.
Each client is assigned a dedicated Technical Account Manager and one or more desktop support technicians, so you can have an partner who is accountable for adding value to your business.

Control Costs with Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

RealPage TaaS RDS provides a predictable and branded end-user experience from anywhere. Because RDS is TaaS-based, users can access their personal files and desktop configurations on any computer with Internet access, making them productive from anywhere.
RealPage will work with you to create security profiles or “packages”, giving you control to determine which applications, features, or web sites are available to users in each profile. Profile packages enable you to standardize roles, control licensing costs and provisioning, as well as to provide a consistently branded end-user experience across your organization.

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Avoid Downtime and Loss of Data

If disaster strikes, RealPage Technology as a Service (TaaS) maintains two massive data centers connected by redundant fiber optic links that mirror data. So if one center goes down, the other data center is ready to go providing near real-time disaster recovery.
We have invested tens of millions of dollars over the years to develop monitoring and diagnostic systems helping to ensure your systems run smoothly and securely.

Property Management Company Email Solutions

RealPage Technology as a Service (TaaS) provides email hosting and mailbox migration services to help simplify the transition to TaaS-based email hosting solutions. Moving to RealPage’s TaaS-based email solution allows you to improve productivity across your corporate and property offices through reliable, highly available email solutions that fit your budget.
RealPage TaaS will help you configure email for your web browser and mobile device clients, so they can get email anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Increase the productivity of your IT engineers by allowing them to spend less time managing mailbox creation and clean-up, and more time working on important, value-added projects that enhance your business.

Your growing property management company is constantly on-boarding new users, managing mailboxes and quotas. RealPage provides email hosting, migration and support services so you can focus on what you do best.

Microsoft and Google Technical Certifications

RealPage is a certified partner and reseller for both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business. We can provide access to both of these online solutions and provide fully collaborative intranet solutions as well.

Google Apps for Business
Microsoft Office 365

Multifamily IT Consulting Services

In the multifamily industry, it’s not always possible to have dedicated and experienced IT personnel at the ready. RealPage Technology as a Service (TaaS) provides consulting services for your TaaS-based solutions to help you meet your business challenges.

Our experienced engineers understand the multifamily industry and have in-depth knowledge of TaaS computing best practices, including:

  • Intranet planning
  • Custom branding
  • Taxonomy/governance
  • Information architecture
  • Mailbox setup
  • Migrations
  • Custom solutions
  • And much more

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Storage Lets You Access Your Files Securely Anytime, Anywhere.

RealPage Technology as a Service (TaaS) Drive helps give you peace of mind about the accessibility and security of your personal files and desktop PCs. Store your files online and securely share them with colleagues from anywhere with internet access.

RealPage TaaS Drive can be used as a personal PC backup solution as well, so you’ll never have to worry about losing files if you encounter a problem with your computer. For those on the go, RealPage TaaS Drive comes with available iPhone and Android applications, so you can get to your files anytime you want.

SharePoint Solutions for Multifamily Property Management Companies

RealPage SharePoint Central is designed specifically to meet the communication and collaboration needs of property management companies. Based on Microsoft SharePoint® and designed by our team of Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists, RealPage SharePoint Central delivers a fully-functional communication and collaboration platform that includes a site structure, page layouts, and branding specifically for property management- right out of the box!

RealPage SharePoint Central is modular and scalable, so you can save time and money in the solution planning phases. Training and implementation are included, so you can deploy quickly and immediately realize ROI.

Easily share files and distribute key information across your entire property portfolio to keep your business running in lock-step!

Technical Purchasing Outsourcing Saves Money

Take advantage of RealPage’s superior buying power to get the best technology at the best price. All of your computers will be delivered with the appropriate software profiles to meet your portfolio needs. We will help purchase, install and set up any PCs, laptops, printers and network hardware that is needed.

Hardware profiles are created, specifically for your business, that enable you to:

  • Rapidly on-board new employees and properties.
  • Reduce downtime by supplying replacement machines quickly.
  • Increase productivity through shortened support call times.

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