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Smart Water™

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Smart Water leverages advanced submeter technology to help multifamily properties drastically reduce the cost of managing water in both common areas and residential units.

By quickly detecting and notifying site teams about leaks and consumption anomalies, Smart Water delivers greater visibility into aspects of the property (e.g., landscape irrigation and pool systems) not typically metered—providing significant annualized savings.

  • 24/7 visibility into portfolio consumption
  • Consolidation of data and benchmarking
  • Real-time alerts for leaks and other anomalies

Smart Water Goes Above and Beyond

Pinpoint leaks, detect cost anomalies, identify usage spikes, uncover submeter system issues and alert on-site staff to problems in real time.

30% of water supplied by utilities is lost to leaks

20% reduction in portfolio-wide water consumption with Smart Water

90% of undetected water incidents result in multi-unit damage

Early Detection - Smart Water helps you reduce costs associated with unscheduled maintenance and repairs through early detection. It provides property managers visibility into how their properties are consuming water, from the pool to the unit.

The Latest Technology - By leveraging new IoT submeter technology, Smart Water helps multifamily properties drastically reduce the cost of managing water in both common areas and residential units.

Increased Visibility - Smart Water provides real-time alerts and notifies site teams about leaks and consumption problems. By providing greater visibility into parts of the property not typically metered, properties can realize significant annual savings.

Multiple Management Paths - From automatic shutoff valves, acoustic monitoring, real-time submetering technologies and a wide array of sensor technologies, Smart Water provides actionable insight into everything from humidity to leaks.

One of our clients saved 750,000 gallons of water in the first three months across 47,000 units. And a single water retrofit saved a Denver property 6,000,000 gallons of water and $130,000 annually!

Mary Nitschke
Vice President, Sustainability, RealPage
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