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Learning Management System

EasyLMS learning management system motivates your employees to learn and gives you the tools to support them — in an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement portal.

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Learning Management

EasyLMS: Next Generation Learning Management Platform

With EasyLMS, RealPage has completely reimagined how employees learn. Using a new approach we’ve termed “active engagement,” EasyLMS motivates your staff through the use of game mechanics to engage and motivate employees. We call it motivational mechanics. Your employees will call it a refreshing change.

EasyLMS removes barriers to learning, enhances the learning experience, and establishes learning as a culture to activate your staff’s potential. Custom reports and easy-to-understand dashboards, that bring clarity, visibility, and consistency to your training program.

The business benefits are equally energizing. With EasyLMS you’ll cut costs, boost efficiency and drive business results. With EasyLMS the 360-degree content virtually eliminates the need for expensive, in-person training. Efficiency comes in the form of short engaging training segments or “learning snacks” as we like to call them (10-15 minutes each) that get your employees back to work faster. And while they learn, you can easily track their progress to keep your learning strategy and you heading in the right direction. It’s a comprehensive training package that will excite your entire company.

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EasyLMS Makes Training Easier

Sam Brooks, MIS director from KMG Prestige, talks about his company’s experience with RealPage’s EasyLMS Learning Management System. In particular, EasyLMS has allowed his team to track and manage employee growth throughout his organization.

Activate your staff’s potential with EasyLMS.


Host, create, and deliver interactive multifamily-specific soft skills training, RealPage product training and any of your own custom created training.


By focusing on active engagement, you create long-term motivation and recognition centered around learning. EasyLMS keeps everyone engaged and ready to learn.


Add your own logo, color scheme, automated email notifications, certificates for course completions, FAQs and other company-specific resources.


Launch a course anywhere, anytime, on any smart device, with an interface that features responsive design and mobile-ready courseware.


Easy-to-use dashboards highlight courses requiring action, in-progress courses, and failed courses, with no complicated charts or graphs to decipher.


Easily track the metrics you need, with the ability to run and save any number of custom reports and schedule delivery right to your inbox.


We can sync with your HR System’s Data to update user information, manage organizational updates, and assign courseware overnight while you sleep.

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