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Reduce property damage risk and out-of-pocket costs with the only renters insurance solution designed just for the multifamily industry.

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Renters Insurance

Cover Your Assets. We Make it Easy.

Built into the industry’s leading multifamily property management software solution, OneSite Leasing & Rents, RealPage® Renters Insurance makes covering your assets, and those of your residents, simple. Our eRenterPlan program offers residents affordable, comprehensive coverage, while optional RenterProtection provides gap coverage for vacant units or uninsured residents. If you mandate renters insurance for residents (and 84% of communities do*), take note: using our solution has proven to increase compliance by as much as 41%**. Cover your assets. Maximize compliance and NOI. Minimize risk and exposure.

Best In Class. Easiest To Use.

Built Into OneSite

The only solution that allows you to view compliance data from one single, familiar platform.

Affordable Rates

Competitive rates – no premium increases for filing claims. No cost to owners and provides ancillary income.

Created for Renters Only

RealPage Renters Insurance was developed specifically for the multifamily industry. It’s renters insurance just for renters.

Covers the Uninsured

RenterProtection gap insurance can further reduce risk to solve the issue of uninsured residents by placing a property policy on the lease requirement.

1.8 Million Units

RenterProtection covers more units than any other renters insurance program.


7,500 Properties

More communities are covered by our solution than any other.


650 Companies

We work with 650 property management companies, just like yours.


See How Renters Insurance Protects

Watch Out For the 7 Deadly Renters

Our eRenterPlan renters insurance protects residents from themselves, and from the mishaps of others. Offered through RealPage Renters Insurance, eRenterPlan offers coverage for almost all the ways a renter could cause damage, from full fire coverage, full reimbursement, pet liability, and more. Get acquainted with the 7 Deadly Renters, and learn more about how to protect your property.

*according to an NMHC 2013 survey
**from a 2013 18-month study by RealPage Consumer Marketing

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