ActiveBuilding® Resident Portal

Boost revenue while you build a resident fan base.

Resident Portal

Engage. Retain. Repeat.

The RealPage® ActiveBuilding® Resident Portal and mobile app is so engaging and easy to use, it helps boost renewals by 2-3% over basic resident portals, time and time again. It’s the only resident portal powerful enough to perform beyond simple transactional processes—it also advances resident engagement and social interaction, which means happier residents. Through our unique messaging hub, social community, and payments platform, residents can connect, pay rent, get notifications, report maintenance issues, and much more. Maximize retention, optimize operations, and save up to 76 hours per month in staff time with the one resident portal and mobile app that offers it all.

How a community portal lets residents submit service requests, pay rent online, and get package notifications.

Amanda Phelps of Oden Hughes uses RealPage’s ActiveBuilding Resident Portal to enable their residents to put in service requests, pay rent online, check package status –24/7. Plus the message board opens up communication among residents, helping build a better sense of community.

Best In Class. Easiest To Use.

Unlimited Solutions

ActiveBuilding is the only resident portal solution to offer no limit on automated notifications to residents via text, email and phone—with reporting.

Know The Numbers

ActiveBuilding works seamlessly with most any property management software, automatically adding, changing and removing users in the portal as needed.

Easier Renewals

Our end-to-end online renewal function features a unique shopping cart experience, making it easier—and more likely for residents to renew.

Unique Social Platform

RealPage ActiveBuilding is the only proven social platform where residents can engage with both neighbors and onsite staff.

Mobile App

The redesigned ActiveBuilding app, for iOS and Android, makes it easy for your staff and residents to engage with your community—anytime, anywhere.

Heather Phillipson
Shea Apartment Communities

“The Resident Social Hub has streamlined our workflow, accelerated operations and created a sense of community with rewarding social interaction – we love it!”

A Resident Portal that Takes Care of Transactions and Builds Community Connections

Watch Out For the 7 Deadly Renters

ActiveBuilding Resident Portal is multifamily’s most robust online resident portal for handling transactions and building community connections. Where other portals stop at basic payment processing, ActiveBuilding offers a central hub that enables residents and staff to engage in real time online while expediting maintenance requests, package delivery and other transactions.

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