Sustainability Series

The average unit costs a property $1,020 per unit in energy expenses—30% of which is due to inefficiency losses. The RealPage Sustainability Success Series will show you how you can recover these losses and generate even more in value per unit. This multi-part series of 20-minute episodes examines the top-trending sustainability issues impacting multifamily portfolios across the country.

Episode 25: The Biggest Mistakes in Benchmarking

Dec 1, 2022
7 min

Regulated benchmarks in multifamily are becoming increasingly prevalent as operators, owners and investors rely upon energy performance data and analytics in their business decisions.

Learn from RealPage’s lead energy analyst Corynne Simon-Wilson about the pitfalls and which common mistakes to avoid in a data-driven discussion with multifamily sustainability expert Mary Nitschke geared to help you succeed in supporting today’s ESG requirements.

Mary Nitschke

Vice President, Sustainability
RealPage, Inc.

Mary Nitschke joined RealPage as Vice President of Sustainability in 2019. Previously she was the Director of Ancillary Services for the award-winning Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc, where she had the privilege of managing both the resident costs and expense sides of the utility wheelhouse.

Mary is passionate about utilities, and should perhaps switch to decaf. She was the first president of the Utility Management Advisory board, possesses an Energy Resource Management Certificate from UC Davis, and two Bachelors of Art from UC Berkeley.

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