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Episode 14: Erin Roberts/Ryan Companies: Piecing Together the Data Puzzle

Dec 11, 2023
51 min

In this podcast, Carl Whitaker and Erin Roberts discuss the pros and cons of granular market data, current trends and their long-term effects, how supply chain issues may continue to slow new construction completion, the importance of benchmarking and how being a college radio DJ can be the perfect training ground for a life in research and insights.

Carl Whitaker

Senior Director of Research & Analysis
RealPage, Inc.

Carl Whitaker is a Real Estate Economist with RealPage’s Data Analytics division. At RealPage, Carl has specialized in creating industry presentations, market and submarket trend reports and crafting ways in which data can be more easily consumed and leveraged by clients. Carl holds degrees from the University of North Texas, including a Master of Science in Applied Geography.

Erin Roberts

Insights Manager
Ryan Companies

Erin brings 10 years of substantial experience to her leadership position as Insights Manager for Real Estate Intelligence. She stays in step with real estate market trends, identifies new markets and submarkets, validates sites, works through pursuit approval, and provides general support for new tools and data for evaluating market trends.

Erin has a passion for solving challenges, learning about new markets and crafting new tools for developers. She excels at finding clear and concise methods to explain data and what it means, synthesizing insights, evaluating outcomes, and developing ideas and strategies that make it easier for teams and stakeholders to work efficiently and arrive at sound decisions.

She is a member of the Real Estate Council of Austin (RECA) and holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Geography/Geography/Geographic Information Systems from New Mexico State University.