West Dallas is New Apartment Hot Spot According to Dallas Morning News


MPF Research’s Jay Parsons Provides Insight Into this Boom

(June 6, 2014) — The Dallas Morning News recently reported an apartment construction boom in West Dallas, In this article, “West Dallas is becoming hotbed of apartment construction”, reporter Steve Brown discusses what developments are in order for the newly popular area of the Metroplex. MPF Research’s director of analytics and research Jay Parsons gives some insight into why this increase in construction is happening not only in Dallas, but in other popular cities throughout the U.S. To quote the article, “It’s a trend we are seeing nationally where there is a trickle-out effect from the central business district into these surrounding neighborhoods,” said Jay Parsons of Carrollton-based MPF Research Inc. “Developers are trying to get in an urban neighborhood, but at a cheaper price point.”

Read more about how West Dallas is making a name for itself here: http://www.dallasnews.com/business/commercial-real-estate/headlines/20140522-west-dallas-is-becoming-hotbed-of-apartment-construction.ece.