‘We have each other’: Saddled with remote learning, college students create off-campus dorm experiences of their own


Some students are limiting themselves to one guest each for the semester and those guests will have to wear masks while inside the apartment.

MarketWatch (July 30, 2020) -- 

Like thousands of students across the country, Harlow Brooks has resigned herself to the fact that her first year of college will be different from what she expected. 

The 19-year-old, who is beginning her film degree at the University of Southern California this fall, will be taking all of her classes online this first semester. Instead of meeting her fellow classmates walking from session to session at orientation, Brooks was introduced to them over Zoom. 

But she’s not giving up on one aspect of the college experience — living among her peers. Though USC is encouraging undergraduates to reconsider living on or close to campus this fall, Brooks and her friends have created a dorm-like existence on their own. Brooks’ pod of eight formed after individual members met each other in big Zoom sessions that got smaller and smaller and eventually turned into a group chat. 

“If we are going to be isolated from the world, it might as well be really fun and we have each other,” Brooks said.

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