Top 10 Student Housing Leader Signs With RealPage Following Software Review


Preiss Company renews contract for comprehensive RealPage Student Living software stack following competitive review

RICHARDSON, Texas, (October 14, 2019) — RealPage, Inc. (NASDAQ:RP), a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, has announced that student housing leader Preiss Company has renewed the contract for its comprehensive RealPage software foundation following a competitive review.

“Good software is so critical to success in this business that you have to know you are working with the best,” said Preiss COO Adam Byrley. “We’re aware there are other options and it’s important to consider them from time to time, but we decided that RealPage remains the right choice for us.”

Byrley said there were two main reasons for the decision to stay with RealPage. “First is the people,” he explained. “They’ve always been there when we’ve needed them, they understand the student housing business, and they’re going to be there as we continue to grow our business. In fact, we’ve grown from 7,000 beds to 37,000 beds while working with them.”

“Second is the software itself,” Byrley continued. “RealPage hasn’t just tweaked existing solutions so they can sell them into the student sector. They have engineered them from top to bottom to handle our unique requirements. It’s a different business from conventional, and they understand this. They constantly solicit feedback from customers to learn what we might need to run our businesses better, and they innovate with new features to stay ahead of the market.”

In addition to RealPage’s people and products, Byrley mentioned reliability as an important factor in the decision to re-sign. “We don’t ever worry about the software not working,” he said. “It’s like running water or electricity. You just know it’s going to be working, and we never have any issues with it.”

Preiss has recently integrated the On-Site leasing solution into its RealPage foundation, and Byrley says the integration has been the “easiest, most seamless integration the company has ever experienced.” RealPage acquired On-Site in 2017 as a highly customizable front-end leasing solution that works in harmony with its other solutions.

“What made us nervous about a small company like On-Site folding into a big one like RealPage was that some of that ability to work closely with us to customize for unique needs might go away,” said Byrley. “But it didn’t. We’ve seen the same reactions, the same helpfulness, from the On-Site team within RealPage as we did when they were separate.”

Byrley said the hands-on support of RealPage has played an important role in Preiss’ success. “Our company has always been at the top of the industry when it comes to rental rate growth, leasing velocity and NOI growth. I think RealPage has played a major part in this. They’ve committed their people, their time and their resources to our organization to help us grow. And in turn, we’ve felt inclined to commit back.” Watch Byrley share more about how RealPage Student Leasing Helps Preiss Company Grow and Compete:

“We are proud to list Preiss Company as a client, and we’ve really enjoyed working as partners with them over the years and watching them grow,” said RealPage’s Whitney Kidd. “We’re committed to the student housing sector, and we feel that when a company of this caliber chooses you over everyone else, it’s an important vote of confidence.”

About Preiss Company
Founded in 1987 by Donna Preiss, The Preiss Company is an industry leader in the sales and development of investment properties. Preiss is one of the Top 10 providers of off-campus housing in the nation and the largest woman-owned owner and operator of private student housing.

About RealPage
RealPage provides a technology platform that enables real estate owners and managers to change how people experience and use rental space. Clients use the platform to gain transparency in asset performance, leverage data insights and monetize space to create incremental yields. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Richardson, Texas, RealPage currently serves over 12,000 clients worldwide from offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about RealPage, please visit