Tech and the War for Talent & Retention


GLOBEST.COM (FEBRUARY 27, 2019) – Technology plays a critical role in attracting and holding on to good people, as the folks of RealPage explain.

It’s hardly news anymore that the commercial real estate industry is behind the eight ball when it comes to hiring and retention. What is news to many is that technology can play a major role in winning the war for talent.

That’s Perry Levine’s take on the industry’s human resource crunch. Levine, industry principal for Dallas- based RealPage, sees a serious disconnect between the focus of senior management in commercial real estate and the career paths of the up-and-coming generation of employees. And it’s a problem that must be addressed in order to retain employees for more than the two years of a typical millennial’s stay. “You train someone for six months and they’re gone 18 months later,” Levine says. “That’s a terribly inefficient model for a workforce.”

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