RealPage’s OneSiteFacilities Offers Improved Maintenance Productivity, Response to Resident Needs


RealPage’s OneSite facilities offers improved maintenance productivity, response to resident need

(November 5, 2001) — RealPage, Inc., a leading provider of property management products and services to the multifamily industry, today announced that its OneSiteTM Facilities product center is now available.

OneSite Facilities allows property managers to process and track work orders so they can capture and analyze maintenance activities accurately, and then act to lower costs and improve efficiency. It also allows them to streamline maintenance services, resulting in better response times to resident needs.

“For many property management companies, maintenance costs are difficult to manage and control,” said Steve Winn, chief executive officer of RealPage. “Frequently, facility maintenance information is not tracked at all, or little of it filters up the decision-making ladder. RealPage recognizes the strategic value of maintenance management.

OneSite Facilities helps property owners and managers realize significant competitive advantages by streamlining the management, control, and acquisition of maintenance services and repair parts.” OneSite Facilities automates the entire work order process. Its service issues expert system helps requestors describe the service
issues and then automatically processes the request data.

“The system we have created will be the foundation for our wireless technology component,” said Winn. RealPage acquired ChannelTECH, Inc., a leading multifamily wireless provider, in November 2000. The acquisition combined the web technology initiatives under development at RealPage with ChannelTECH’s pioneering success in handheld wireless computing devices for facility management applications. The outcome will be the availability of wireless work order and inspection systems and MRO
procurement solutions that will be incorporated into OneSite.

OneSite Facilities also automates the make-ready process. The system automatically creates a make-ready whenever a resident gives notice or moves out, triggering the generation of default work orders for the make-ready. Additional work orders are created as a result of inspections. As maintenance tasks are completed, standard
or actual costs of any needed repairs can be billed to residents’ accounts. OneSite Facilities allows properties to establish standard offset amounts, to be billed to residents, for any common maintenance tasks.

Safety-related issues are also addressed by OneSite Facilities. If the system identifies an issue as safety related, a work order is automatically issued and flagged as top priority.

“Good maintenance is critical to attracting new residents and retaining existing residents,” said Winn. “Dissatisfaction with maintenance often leads to negative referrals, and reports show that 65% of residents will not renew their leases if they are dissatisfied with the level of maintenance services offered. When residents have visible evidence that the apartment community is attentive to their needs, then resident turnover is minimized.” In the next iteration of OneSite Facilities, residents will be able to make maintenance requests online.”

OneSite Facilities is one of nine product centers from OneSite. It joins OneSite Screening, OneSite Property, OneSite Leasing and Rents and OneSite Learning in general availability. The other four product centers—OneSite Compliance, OneSite Purchasing, OneSite Revenue Management and OneSite Budgeting—will be released in the
coming months. Together, the nine product centers form a comprehensive suite of e-business, browser-based tools that fully automate important property management functions.

More than 20,000 apartment communities across the United States use RealPage’s products and services, which are designed to improve the performance of the asset. RealPage’s products and services handle the entire management process for both affordable and conventional properties, including leasing, applicant screening,
market intelligence, accounting, budgeting, property management, facilities management, marketing and compliance reporting.