RealPage’s OneSite© Facilities Surpasses 2,500 Site Goal in 2004


(December 20, 2004)—RealPage, Inc., a leading provider of products and services to the multifamily industry, announced today that it has exceeded its target of 2,500 client sites using OneSite Facilities by the end of 2004. OneSite Facilities automates the issuing of maintenance work orders, allowing service technicians to receive requests through wireless handhelds and to transmit back job statuses instantly. It also provides instant reports to site and home office management.

“The best measure of a product’s success is adoption. The second best measure is use,” said Steve Reichenbach, OneSite Facilities product manager. “OneSite Facilities has achieved a key milestone in surpassing our year-end goal of 2,500 sites. More importantly, it has allowed these sites to generate more than 400,000 service requests per month.”

Maintenance technicians can use wireless pocket PCs to receive and process service requests. Because the pocket PCs support both English and Spanish and are extremely easy to use, service technicians have enthusiastically adopted them. In addition, bilingual online training courses enable all users—from service technicians to managers—to get up to speed quickly (for examples of both English and Spanish online learning, please visit OneSite Facilities.

Clients are noting astonishing improvements in maintenance efficiency and significant time savings in reporting. “We used to create and track work orders by hand, on paper,” said Elizabeth Pickworth, director of project management at Lane Company. “This led to lost requests, delayed service and disorganization. But now, everything is automated, and nothing falls through the cracks.” Pickworth especially praised the instant reporting capability of OneSite Facilities. “Using wireless pocket PCs, our service technicians can generate reports of their activities and job statuses at the touch of a button. This saves our on-site managers many hours that used to be spent creating manual reports.”

Also praising the system are home office managers that use OneSite Facilities to keep an eye on maintenance and assets at their sites. “Instead of getting haphazard paper reports on site maintenance, we get accurate, professional, detailed reports with the click of a mouse,” said Tina Palmer, training manager at Douglas Allred. “We can look at anything from general trends and maintenance expenses to when a particular technician started and stopped a specific job, what he was doing, how many times the asset has been repaired and what has been spent on it. Information like this helps us make better decisions that save us money.”

“Our clients are reporting increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover among their maintenance people,” said Reichenbach. “The system makes them feel more professional and efficient, and they love it. At the same time, management has increased knowledge of what technicians are actually working on and how efficient they are.”

About RealPage

Located in Carrollton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, RealPage provides property management products and services to more than 20,000 apartment communities across the United States. It currently has three major product lines: OneSite©, an on-demand property management system that automates property management functions while providing real-time access to important data; CrossFireTM, an on-demand property marketing system that automates and enhances the process of capturing and entering leads, provides tools for retaining residents and provides a convenient means for residents to sign up for utilities and other services; and YieldStarTM, an on-demand asset management system that helps owners and managers optimize asset values through revenue management, portfolio management and market intelligence.