RealPage Technology Experts to Speak at Broadband Communities Summit


Vice President and Director of Resident Technology Services to discuss connectivity in the student housing market

(March 12, 2016) — RealPage Vice President of Resident Technology Summit Henry Pye and Director of Resident Technology Services Steve Sadler will lend their expertise to a number of sessions at the 2016 Broadband Communities Conference held in Austin, Texas April 5-7, 2016. Below is a list of the workshops and sessions the pair will be presenting at:

Part 1 — Student Housing Technical Workshop: On-Campus Housing
A 2-hour deep-dive workshop to get through all the new technical and financial challenges faced by developers of on-campus student housing. David Daugherty will lead a table full of experts who have been walking the walk at colleges and universities across the country. From large institutions to small, public and private, students need — and demand — more broadband, in more ways, and with more reliability than ever before. Colleges need to be, well, educated about what student fees might be necessary to pay for the infrastructure and why various features are needed. Not doing student housing now? Consider attending anyway. Student housing is the canary in the broadband coal mine. It’s an early warning system for what everyone will want in a few years.

  • Marty Wold – Vice President, Business Development, Korcett (moderator)
  • David Daugherty – Founder & CEO, Korcett (panelist)
  • Henry Pye – Vice President, RealPage (panelist)
  • Scott Craig – Founding Partner, Davis Craig & Taylor, PLLC (panelist)
  • Michael Finley – Owner, Cautela Solutions, Ltd. (panelist)

Track Session: Part 2 — Student Housing Off-Campus Housing
How do you deploy broadband to a student living community that meets initial expectations and creates a foundation for a lasting solution?

  • How does initial design of the passive infrastructure affect equipment lifespan and long term capital budgets?
  • How does bandwidth strategy affect long-term cost and competitiveness?
  • How often should a community plan to upgrade wireless equipment? How much?
  • How often should a community plan to upgrade wired equipment? How much?
  • What happens when a community cannot afford upfront cost for upgrades?
  • Henry Pye – Vice President, RealPage (moderator)
  • Robert Martin – Chief Information Officer, Korcett (panelist)
  • Mark Scifres – CEO, Pavlov Media (panelist)
  • Rob Paver – President, Campus Connect (panelist)
  • John Baloga– Vice President & CIO, Airwaves (panelist)

Access Control and Security Options
Multifamily access control hardware and services are evolving at a phenomenal rate. What access control solutions will be available for 2017-18 multifamily developments?

  • What are the elements of a multifamily access control solution?
  • How are access control software and services evolving?
  • How is access control equipment changing?
  • What solution(s) is best for specific types of communities, rent prices and location?
  • What are common access control design challenges?
  • Henry Pye – Vice President, RealPage (moderator)
  • Bobby Welliver – Senior Business Development Manager, Kaba ADS (panelist)
  • Felicite Moorman – CEO, StratIS EMS, LLC(panelist)
  • TBA – Mircom (Invited)(panelist)

Putting It All Together: Maximizing the MDU Network Business Case
Lots of services can share the bandwidth in today’s MDUs. Reliable, modern ultra-broadband networks can seamlessly carry video, Internet, voice and wireless access along with unit and building automation functions such as fire safety, building security, lighting control, unit entry locks, and energy conservation. Can owners provide really cool home automation technology that residents desire and at the same time find operational efficiencies and a return on that investment by attaching them to their business network? Are home automation companies up to the task of creating multifamily friendly solutions with centralized control and integrating their databases with property management software? How do you address network security, wireless interference, and other complications of a shared network?

  • Mike Smith – Vice President, Building Energy & Technology Services Group, Panzica (moderator)
  • Steve Sadler – Director, Multifamily Development, RealPage, Inc. (panelist)
  • Rawlson King – Communications Director, Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) (panelist)
  • Austin Cochren – IT Project Manager, Monogram Residential Trust (panelist)