RealPage Expands Resident Living Solutions with Lockbox, Eliminating In-Office Payments


RICHARDSON, Texas (July 9, 2020) -- RealPage, Inc. (NASDAQ:RP), a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, is now offering Lockbox for OneSite Leasing and Rents clients. The remote paper payment-handling solution frees staff from the burden of processing paper checks and money orders in the office. Building upon ClickPay’s best-in-class Lockbox solution, which currently processes billions of dollars in paper checks and money orders for tens of thousands of sites annually, RealPage now provides an integrated Lockbox solution for OneSite clients.

During the current challenging environment, RealPage clients shared that the main reason site staff needed to go into property offices was to collect and process rent checks. In comparison, those customers that already implemented Lockbox had built resilient operations that were better able to weather the storm. Lockbox is a critical solution to empowering RealPage customers to establish a truly virtualized resident living platform. RealPage solutions remove paper payment touchpoints from the site, driving cost efficiencies, while still offering residents the options to pay through the channel most convenient for them.

Fully integrated with OneSite Leasing & Rents, Lockbox empowers customers to:

  • Realize revenue faster – Gain same-day ledger visibility with check image and reporting tools for business insights.
  • Improve staff productivity – Remove the burden of payment collection, manual check scanning and rekeying of data from staff so they can focus on higher-value work.
  • Drive self-service and electronic payment adoption – Route check collection off-site and encourage residents to adopt remote, electronic forms of payment.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and theft – Eliminate paper payments and the possibility of theft and fraud on-site.
  • Centralize payment workflows – Consolidate all payments types in one centralized dashboard and replace dispersed, manual systems of collection by payment type.

“COVID-19 has created a need to reduce physical contact between residents and staff,” said Ashley Glover, President of RealPage®. “But the importance of this offering goes way beyond the pandemic. Some people continue to want to use paper checks to pay rent. Lockbox is the final piece of the puzzle needed to take rent payments off the property.”

Lockbox, an integrated RealPage Payments solution, addresses residents who prefer to pay with paper checks instead of credit card, debit card, eChecks, and eMoneyOrders. The residents merely include a coupon with their check or money order and drop it in the mail. The rest is handled by RealPage, with the payments posted in real-time to the same ledger as online payments so all payments can be viewed and managed in one, consolidated place. “Lockbox completes our mission of empowering RealPage customers to operate a fully payment-less office, eliminating time-consuming in-office interactions and payment processing while further encouraging residents to adopt self-service methods,” said Ms. Glover.

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