RealPage Cloud Operates Up To 10 Times Faster at 30 Percent less Cost


(April 25, 2011)—RealPage, Inc. (NASDAQ: RP), reports performance up to 10 times faster and cost savings of up to 30 percent for companies that host their IT infrastructure in the RealPage Cloud. Cloud Computing is a disruptive technology that is changing the IT landscape in almost every major industry including rental housing. (Click here for a video link:

“We experienced a significant response time improvement in our Yardi Voyager environment after moving to the RealPage Cloud, largely because of upgrades in infrastructure, increased bandwidth and performance management by RealPage,” said Scott McCurdy, Vice President, IT-Pinnacle Family of Companies. “The positive changes have been noticed by our IT staff and all of our end users as well. We anticipated the performance improvements and in the end we got even more than we asked for with all of our critical systems.” (Click here for a video link:

“Many companies are looking for ways to cut capital and operating budgets while delivering more technology services,” said Ty Brewer, VP of Cloud Computing at RealPage. “Speed, efficiency and greater security are just some of the advantages available to companies that host their technology infrastructure with RealPage. I have experienced firsthand the speed of service and cost savings, both in leading the RealPage Cloud Computing division and prior to that as CIO of one of the nation’s largest property management companies, where we reduced our IT budget by approximately 30 percent while upgrading all of our systems to state of the art. Near instantaneous response times and the ability to run some month end reports up to 10 times faster also lead to better productivity.”

According to figures compiled by information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc., the cloud infrastructure services market is expected to grow 48.8% a year to $12.4 billion by 2014, from $2.7 billion last year. Total cloud-based revenue, including hosted software and Web services, are predicted to hit $148.8 billion by then, a clear indication of the real opportunity that exists as companies turn to new avenues in an effort to reduce costs and improve operating performance.

RealPage has invested more than $100 million in its data centers and cloud computing infrastructure in order to provide customers with the advantages of true cloud computing — including lower cost, greater efficiency, expertise and better performance. The RealPage Cloud includes two massive data centers that link a company’s infrastructure using gigabit redundant fiber networks within the data center and 100 burstable to 1 gigabit Internet connectivity. Monitoring and diagnostic systems have been developed based on years of experience. The RealPage Cloud also replaces outdated equipment with a redundant server farm using state-of-the-art hardware, meaning companies are no longer faced with technological obsolescence.

“Most companies use a mish-mash of different software systems, with varying degrees of integration,” said Brewer. “Some companies operate in multiple data centers and many are running outdated versions of some of their applications. It’s very expensive to keep technology infrastructure up-to-date. The beauty of the Cloud is that while individual companies can’t afford this sort of infrastructure alone, they can if the cost is shared by many customers. And this sharing of infrastructure doesn’t mean any compromise in security. In fact, data becomes much more secure when it is moved to the Cloud even though it no longer resides in a company’s own facility.”

Disaster recovery is another built-in advantage with the RealPage Cloud, with near real-time disaster recovery that eliminates the worry and days or weeks it can take to bring up an environment in another location should disaster strike. “Disaster recovery was a huge consideration in our move to the RealPage environment,” said McCurdy. “It was something we needed and the RealPage cloud environment clearly offers that to us. Our critical systems have security now that they did not have before.”

Greater security through the RealPage Cloud comes through three levels of firewall security that enable companies to separate their data from their transactional servers, eliminating a key security hole by brokering all accesses to the data through a separate firewall. RealPage also separates a client’s internal personnel and RealPage employees from their data through two additional layers of firewall.

Brewer said, “Many top companies within the multifamily industry have chosen the RealPage Cloud over traditional hosting providers because it works better and provides a cost-effective solution to meet their IT needs.”



About RealPage
Located in Carrollton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, RealPage provides on-demand (also referred to as “Software-as-a-Service” or “SaaS”) products and services to apartment communities and single family rentals across the United States. Its six on-demand product lines include OneSite® property management systems that automate the leasing, renting, management, and accounting of conventional, affordable, tax credit, student living, and military housing properties; Level One® and CrossFire® that enable owners to originate, syndicate, manage and capture leads more effectively and at less overall cost; YieldStar® asset optimization systems that enable owners and managers to optimize rents to achieve the overall highest yield, or combination of rent and occupancy, at each property; Velocity billing and utility management services that increase collections and reduce delinquencies; LeasingDesk® risk mitigation systems that are designed to reduce a community’s exposure to risk and liability; and OpsTechnology® spend management systems that help owners manage and control operating expenses. Supporting this family of SaaS products is a suite of shared cloud services including electronic payments, document management, decision support and learning. Through its Propertyware subsidiary, RealPage also provides software and services to single-family rentals and low density, centrally-managed multifamily housing. For more information, call 1-87-REALPAGE or visit

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