RealPage Announces Demandx, An AI-Powered Multifamily Demand Optimization Solution


Designed to help property managers spend smarter, lease faster and price right

​RICHARDSON, TEXAS – Aug. 7, 2023 – RealPage, a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, today announced a new property demand intelligence solution called Demandx™ during RealWorld, the company’s annual customer conference.

Demandx reinvents the way operators harness and solve for demand for the multifamily industry. The solution leverages AI to optimize the entire demand funnel, connecting the marketing, leasing and pricing functions to enable companies to spend smarter, lease faster, and price right. Demandx offers property managers the opportunity to outperform the market with more qualified calls and improved lead-to-lease conversions.

“As the multifamily industry continues to centralize operations, we saw a unique opportunity to bring together our best-in-class AI Revenue Management, G5 Smart Digital Advertising and Knock CRM offerings into a cohesive solution,” said Amy Dreyfuss, senior vice president of revenue management, RealPage. “By doing so, we are helping customers proactively place ads and create lead management strategies that minimize vacancy loss from predicted exposure across a unified dashboard experience.”

Traditionally, the industry managed the factors that impact demand independently – revenue management adjusts price, marketing generates leads and sales secures leases. However, when these demand factors are integrated, an organization can make proactive decisions around all of these levers to maximize revenues. Using AI – informed by the industry’s most compelling dataset – Demandx enables proactive marketing and sales decisions that account for predicted exposure, optimizing digital ads and prioritizing leads strategically to minimize future vacancies. Ultimately, Demandx provides organizations the opportunity to:

  • Outperform the market by optimizing pricing, acquiring the right interest and converting prospects faster with AI-driven precision.
  • Optimize advertising spend with future exposure modeling to solve for vacancy before it even happens.
  • Align leasing with exposure enabling leasing teams to convert leads faster by prioritizing leads and driving efficiencies with recommended “next best actions.”

RealPage engaged with current AI Revenue Management customer, JVM Realty Corporation, a leading vertically integrated multifamily real estate investment and property management firm, for over five months. “Using Demandx, we have witnessed significant operational success while dismantling barriers between marketing, operations and sales,” said Kadi Mancuso, vice president of sales and marketing at JVM.

“We believe Demandx has the potential to redefine how property management companies strategize and optimize their advertising budgets,” continued Mancuso. “The ability to deep link across solutions fosters seamless collaboration and continuity, enabling us to make better, faster decisions that drive demand. We wholeheartedly embrace the integrated and user-friendly dashboard that caters to the operational needs of our teams, spanning from the site level to the executive level. This connective intelligence, combined with advanced AI functionality, well positions us and has enabled us to unlock new levels of success by aligning marketing efforts with leasing objectives. We are proud of the strides made during our beta phase and look forward to empowering even more businesses with this cutting-edge solution.”

General availability will be in Fall 2023. To learn more about Demandx or to schedule a demo, visit:

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